Jin Lim @ Jinnyboy

Radio DJ & YouTuber

Jin Lim

Jin Lim was raised in Subang Jaya and a Curtin University Graduate. He has been entertaining Malaysians for over 10 years and got his big break as a Radio announcer on Hitz.FM the number one English station in Malaysia. The distinguished voice that woke up Malaysia continued to be an advocate for the youth.

In 2012 he decided to dive into the world of YouTube to post videos of his radio interviews so that non-radio listeners were able to watch. He began creating his videos under the name JinnyboyTV which started with a small team, minimal equipment, and great passion. The first video to ever launch was “Ah Wing Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman” the response was overwhelming which lead Jin to continue producing Videos on YouTube with co- founder Reuben Kang. The channel now has over 800,000 subscribers and growing.

With a variety of videos, from love stories to comedic sketches, challenges and even unboxing. The channel continues to diverge into multiple topics directed at the youth, with positive messages merged within. The JinnyboyTV team has expanded, but the same great passion for entertaining and delivering great videos is still prominent. The Channel has collaborated with some of the leading brands in Malaysia, from Samsung, McDonald's, Celcom, HP and much more, combining brand awareness and the art of storytelling.

JinnyboyTV’s hard work has not gone unnoticed as the channel has received a number of acknowledgements since first invading Malaysian screens, from Funniest Video of The Year 2012 at the DiGi WWWWOW Internet For All Awards, Most popular channel at Web TV Asia 2015 Awards, Influencer of The Year at Influence Asia 2015 Awards. Jin has been nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award 2015, and Influence Asia’s Influencer of The Year 2017. JinnyboyTV is the contemporary voice of young Malaysians that will continue to grow and influence generations to come.

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